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BOSS of COFP deleted my question from COFP site about her aimbot
2015-12-16, 4:40 PM


BOSS of COFP deleted my question from COFP site about her aimbot. i not do insult, i asked only.
I will ask the same questions here. Because rype erase my questions in COFP site.

Andrey43 recorded this video vs  BOSS of COFP CLAN. See after 11 min, when joined aimbot zlglhIjlfIqluI6I (rype = veronica = boss of COFP clan)


Yestin use aimbot - used many nicks:

034pw u5jrtEWRO
40IRK 3Tetikc
Amy Winehouse
did it hurt
gcoq457tyc 4
Janis Joplin
lill anita
Savage Rose
v o4 8iy5 vh3h4i
veronica 72

Info from BULL servers: "Player": "veronica 72",  "GUID": "f693ea67608498622a7576be391f45a9", "Ip": "", "Country": "Netherlands":

  This account not have ban from punkbuster, but use cheats, but 2 other acoounts have official BANS.
rype, i think, have more 2-3 accounts..

Veronica 72 = rype and Yestin use ONE IP only. official ban for rype  IP:
->PBSV: VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) #71091: anbjorg (slot #14) Violation (MULTIHACK) #71091 [7da08d928ea8e2229e2f8bb3dd867487(-)] official ban for Yestin:   IP:
->PBSV: VIOLATION (WALLHACK) #60445: Yestin (slot #16) Violation (WALLHACK) #60445 [48333f08a807eb6ca2cd721346705923(-)]

Nicks of rype: (banned in  IP:
Alter Roken LB10
leon zeroo butte
pilsener vol 48

zerk red mary im

Nicks of Yestin: (banned in  IP:
Golden Player
Monsta Hunt3r 2
NOR Marine
Someone Switch

rype=veronica1! When you invite new players to your clan - you warn they  that you used cheats, including aimbot, show this video with this cheats and recorded info about your cheats in or is it You hide this open info? Do you think, what COFP members not can know info about your cheats?

Added by: BULL_EGGS |
Views: 3708 | Rating: 0.0/0
Total comments: 13
13 pizdyonysh   (2021-02-23 1:46 PM) [Материал]
cheater yestin continue use cheats in 2019. shit psyhology man. and many for EU and USA friendly with cheaters, really.

12 ramblerru   (2019-08-23 6:43 AM) [Материал]
ahahahahhaha, honest COFP clan, no cheats, ahahahah, 80 stupid members of COFP clan trust to cheater bosses
see link - yestin in 2019 continue use cheats, he used cheats all time without stop. not many players trust me and continue join to COFP clan.  aahahaha fools trusted to words of cheter ahahahaha. maybe he will show dick to COFP members  and say this is cunt and COFP member will trust to him? ahahahha

Veronica and Yestin: trust to us, we are former cheaters, and cheat support players join non-stop to COFP clan and get 85 members.

It's the same as Hitler would say, I'm a former Nazi, I won't burn people in oven anymore. and 85 people joined Hitler. And now he's burned people in the oven again. Believe him! Yestin honest Saint

11 tishkadront   (2016-08-07 3:36 PM) [Материал]
i think, maybe Veronica is singer in this video   surprised She  after plastic surgery?

veronica popular person in MOH ))

10 tishkadront   (2016-08-05 2:49 AM) [Материал]
FOr FUN only))) Humor

Veronica original photo

Veronica if she can back to young age

Veronica after 15-20years

If Veronica borned in Asia country (aka Thailand)

9 tishkadront   (2016-06-18 1:27 AM) [Материал]
i not friendly with veronica and majtrobe- because - they both aka PIDARAS. Why? because I politely asked about a video with cheats of Veronica in the COFP clan site. Video with her cheats was news to me. I asked about her cheats on video on her site. She began to delete and edit the link to her cheat video (link not work). After that - they both (veronica and majtrobe) started to VERY MANY AGRESSIVE INSULT me for my questions. What clan COFP is big - it has a very small value. Tens of millions of people supported Hitler. But Hitler 1000% pidaras. If who friendly with pidaras, for me he stop be friendly with me. Neutral only. Normal man or woman, who try cheats - say: Sorry, i not more use cheats, that is my error, and not do max hidden facts about use cheats and not do max insult to player, who ask about him or her cheats.

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8 MachoneOfDeath   (2016-05-07 5:33 PM) [Материал]
I've been telling people for months that cofp clan cheats and bull shouldn't associate with them.

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7 MachoneOfDeath   (2016-05-07 5:21 PM) [Материал]
I've been telling people for months that COFP hacks and BULL shouldn't associate with them.

6 BULL_EGGS   (2016-01-01 7:24 AM) [Материал]

Facts exist regardless of whether someone recognizes them or not.

New players come in the MOH, and they know nothing about the clans that play MOH. Also plays to about 10,000 players in the MOH. All of these players have the right to truthful information. Example, after about 3-6 months since I started playing MOH - player german77 invited me into your clan SKIF. I didn't know he was cheating, but I refused. i lucker, what i noob to old time, not joined to this cheater clan SKIF. When an honest player has complete information about the clan - it can make a real choice and not feel cheated if it turned out that the clan accept cheaters or boss used cheats. I think, players have a right to know BEFORE JOINING to any clan - full info about use cheats in the choicen clan, and info, what founder of clan used  cheats long timeand official cheater in Not to provide this information - unfair. It's not fair as well as marries the man who before the wedding knew that he was suffering from AIDS and hides that or he is a transsexual and hidden this info. Anyone who enters into a marriage or love relationship has the right to know the truth about your partner, because this is very important information. The boss of the clan SOFP wants to hide information about her past, when she was a long time cheater. If you marry the person - you have a right to know BEFORE MARRY, what he was 10 years in prison, because he killing a man. Family small social group. A gaming clan is a social group too, and it's unfair, when clan hidden info about using cheats - from player who would like to join the clan (or clan mebers).  It's unfair, when clan hide info about  boss of the clan, who used cheats or information about what will be accepted cheaters in the clan. This words not empty - facts only. So this whole page is the respect for all players MOSS, who have a right to know complete information about COFP clan before joining the clan or information against anyone they play.
Majtrobe, are you suggesting that we remove this information from the site BULL - you're ready to add the information to site COFP about the used cheats - rype, yestin, commander12345 with link registered cheats in
Ответ: =================================
About use or not use rype=veronica1 cheats to current time

rype have unreal very hign result for her really skill in 2 video 2015 year (after start clan COFP)

rype said that after the launch of Clan COFP she no longer used the cheats. She not did  anything to prove that she is an honest player. She only shows the video with the medium results in the game. She occasionally played, have the results as the strongest players in MOH (or medium players using cheats) but this never was able to provide video. These 2 video Andrey 43, videos had much more - rype never upload the video of her strongest game with current round, but after the request - she records and upload video with the medium results. Why???? rype has all the technical ability to record video continuously, but does not make it. rype official cheater and used cheats a long time, and the her words just are not enough to prove that she is now playing fairly. This is fine if you were a cheater, and now you want to announce that now you're an honest player - then do record all their rounds in a row, so at the request of the player with a high skill - just show it on youtube, so there was no doubt as to its integrity. rype not do that. Therefore, at present only a words from rype - I am  honest player, but no more, there is no evidence. Why she record and show the next round with an medium result of 24 \ 32 when current round with a score of 80\20 type, but no video of this current round - and so constantly. Having your own server - is a great way to customize the cheats and so punkbaster  not  detect  this cheats in any servers, everyone knows it. Passed full 2015 year. rype has no proof of her fair play, I think it's right for the cheater, who says that she is a former cheater and is now she is honest player - to record continuously the game all time. Computer of Andrey43 is much weaker computer than rype, but he always record the video, and when any strong player was ask about him cheats, Andrey43 can show up in any round youtube to confirm it fair play. Unfortunately rype no such evidence when she have very strong play. Why does rype think that only words are proof of the fair play (when she played very-very strong)?
No show video-on-demand of strong players - there is no evidence of fair play. This facts ONLY.

5 BULL_EGGS   (2015-12-20 11:28 PM) [Материал]
All information below is just my own subjective opinion)))
May be i very stupid for do analize, but i try do it))). Why created this page  on the website BULL? What are the causes and the history of this page?

Andrey43 showed a video where rype=Veronica 72 = veronica1 used aimbot. I asked on the COFP website about  her aimbot. rype deleted my first question. I thinked: It can be the random error. I asked 4 questions at intervals of 10-30 minutes, boss of COFP clan removed all of my questions. But my posts on the website COFP were no insults in cultural form. rype deleted my 5 posts = de facto ban on the COFP website.

I realized that rype hides from the gaming community the MOH and the members of COFP clan her cheater past and info about her cheats and her cheats is forbidden thema on COFP site. I think it would be fair to the MOH community knew about cheaters, and this is not hidden information, even if the cheater later was organized COFP clan. So I published the full information.

OLD Cheater german77 haved "clan" [SKIF]. Veronica 72 too used this tag  before the creation of the COFP clan, and i assume they were friends (I think they are now friends), and play together with use cheats.


Fact # 1. The founders of the clan COFP long time used cheats  before create a clan COFP.
The duration of use from about 3 months to half a year. It was not use cheats once or one week, She is prolonged time used aimbot and wallhack. Because veronica 72 used the tag [SKIF], I guess she was friends with a known cheater [SKIF]german77. Personally, I wouldn't have joined a clan, which founded would be cheater or former cheater. rype used a lot of nicknames with hidden a aimbots to make it look like a fair game. Veronica 72 cheater was banned on many servers, could play only on servers without an admin, later she bought a new account MOH and started the gameserver. This is the beginning of the history of the clan COFP.

Fact # 2. The boss of the clan COFP immediately wiped all my questions about her aimbot (in video of Andrey43) on the website COFP.

rype gave the name of her clan - the clan of fair play - but, I think, she was hiding from everyone the members of the clan information that she used cheats a long time. I think that the new players engage in clan but didn't know about it. I think veronica1 to hide information about it  for new members of the clan COFP.   I think many members of the clan COFP - joined the clan not knowing that the founder of the clan - cheater or former cheater and that in the COFP member list have other official cheaters. I would never have joined a clan where founders are former cheaters or clan, where boss say to cheater "Welcome to our clan". I think that many honest players not know the complete information about cheats of the founders COFP clan before joining the clan.

Fact # 3. The boss of the clan COFP supports the insults ( [COFP]majtrouble] ) to BULL EGGS and Andrey43 from the member of the COFP clan on the COFP website.

rype has deleted my questions from the site, but left without editing the insults from majtroube to BULL EGGS and Andrey43.
Press to picture!

Fact # 4. BOSS of COFP clan invited the official cheater commander1234567 from to COFP members.
Screenshot from COFP site.
This cheater was playing with wallhack, used nick 1234567cOMMANDEr in BF4, when punkbuster detected him cheats and pbbans save info to cheater database. Cheats are sold with big discount for group of multyplayer games. Cheater can pay once in mouth and use cheats in CS, CS GO, all versions of Battlefields, MOH, MOHa and etc.
rype knew he was a cheater and took him into the COFP clan.

Then I start thinking, that boss of COFP can invite into the COFP clan  other cheaters too. I don't checked the member list of clan COFP, there is an other official cheaters from or GGC-stream. But if you invited one cheater could invite other cheaters.
That is why COFP clan for me a not clan without cheats!!!
Ответ: Fact # 5. On each page of the website COFP many logos: no cheats.

I don't wear a shirt that says "my family are "not murderers", "I'm not a thief", "My family is not alcoholics". But the clan COFP to shout that they without deception on many page on COFP site and use BIG logo))). Naturally,
honest people do not need to constantly shout about our own honesty. Honest clans in MOH: BULL, FR, MVT - don't shout that they are without cheats, it's normal. Play without cheating - its normal. Why shout about that ? ))))

COFP emblems - about what COFP honest clan))) for me haha)) FUN))) Maybe i add logo to BULL site, what "BULL clan not alcoholics" ? )))

COFP LOGO - NOT USE CHEATS # 1.    COFP logo - clan NO CHEAT logo # 2.
COFP page with logo #1.   COFP page with logo #2.

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4 BULL_EGGS   (2015-12-16 10:48 PM) [Материал]
i think, if COFP member ask too about rype cheats in COFP chat - she too erase him message))) because she cleared all my questions about cheats in video on COFP site))

hahaha. Censorship on COFP clan site - the theme of the cheats of Rype banned. I asked questions in a polite manner and all my questions Ripe erased. She hides this information from members of the clan COFP. It's just like any dictatorial president - destroy the newspaper that knows and published accurate information about his fraud. It is a democracy of the Netherlands - to silence the truth.

censorship. democracy. Netherlands. )))

COFP rules on COFP site from this president (veronica1 is good schoolgirl)))):

3 BULL_EGGS   (2015-12-16 10:48 PM) [Материал]
i know, what in COFP many honest players, but i know, after detected cheats at COMM4NDER1234567 - rype know about this cheats (because i reported to BULL site) and she say to cheater COMM4NDER1234567: Welcome to COFP clan, you not cheater! And official cheater COMM4NDER1234567 joined to COFP clan and now official member of COFP clan.

hahahaha! Rules of COFP clan: 1. No cheats .....  10. Have fun and play fair.

Boss not use this rules, because it invites cheaters in the clan, who just a week ago were caught cheating.

COMM4NDER1234567 have official detected wallhack and after it joined to COFP clan.

May 08, 2015
Viol #69096Violation (WALLHACK) #69096
COMM4NDER1234567 (


Him nicks in BF4:

2 BULL_EGGS   (2015-12-16 10:47 PM) [Материал]
rype=veronica1 cheats in FULL info:

1 BULL_EGGS   (2015-12-16 10:41 PM) [Материал]
Yestin cheats in FULL info:

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