Yesterday 10:46 PM
icogdos, unban 50euro. u are cheater, who payed to new account or use previos acc with new nick.

Yesterday 6:04 PM
It is that I come in and tell me abused or cheated and I commit suicide

2021-07-26 9:20 AM
icogdos, maybe u changed account if cannt span on server. server kill u every time. and have previos account with cheaters. new accounts cannt play, if banned.
if server kick u after 1-2 min every time - will update punkbuster

2021-07-26 9:18 AM
no new detect cheaters in
last time

2021-07-24 7:08 AM
yes install it

2021-07-23 8:17 PM
icogdos, i will check report from HUIMBOT anticheat

2021-07-22 3:21 PM
icogdos, punkbuster installed?

2021-07-21 10:16 PM
now I come in and he tells me cheat and abuse and never plays I bought it 2 weeks ago the crazy game

2021-07-20 10:58 PM
what abuser or cheat I bought the game and I don't use any hack

2021-07-18 4:06 PM
axmarine, no reason for ban. freedom

2021-07-18 3:27 AM
I know this is a big as ask , . but Please temp ban the following players. They have started a server and have passworded it so we are unable to joined. They have no issues coimg and playing on our servers but when we want to join theirs they won let us. WTF rubenjct checholaden, lius la fuente, horacio bellido be petty but fuck them..

2021-06-02 1:36 PM
axmarime, what is command u used. for sniper OFF? work in combat map server only. i looked, Condor use too. worked correctly. Forbidded snipers for atack team

2021-05-31 3:05 AM
added all commands correctly. maybe you need to test them yourself there captain obvious. I know for a fact the sniper on and off doesnt work,

2021-05-24 8:51 AM
pizdyonysh (english language)
Telegramm group. Public. russian language only

2021-05-20 9:55 AM
very funny. i think, this man started thin trolling. we helped))

2021-05-14 9:28 AM
axmarine, if HUIMBOT work/ then it work correctly/ maybe u added commands with error

2021-05-14 9:27 AM
Big THX/ Pumcat donated 25 euro

2021-05-12 1:16 AM
why have VIP commands on sector control and they never work...fix it

2021-04-11 1:59 AM
1683, white power from Poland save Europe.

2021-04-07 9:00 PM
pizdyonysh, wink

2021-04-04 4:21 PM
shvagier, BLM started in Poland))

2021-03-29 8:20 PM
guys. this music track nice or no?

i want will do official music track for TOp CLAN

2021-03-29 8:19 PM
i tryed make bisnes acc on my FB acc and FB blocked my acc, idiots. without any reason, with reason - suspect activity.

2021-03-24 9:59 PM
pizdyonysh, Russian way of writing is a bit easier than polish ("idź w chuj") lol. But sound similiar. Hehe.

2021-03-24 8:53 PM
WHO I AM 132450
pizdyonysh, OK merci

2021-03-24 8:36 PM
WHO I AM 12450, i think need restart server. try join tomorow
vip cannt kik ban

2021-03-24 7:42 PM
WHO I AM 12450
pizdyonysh, Est ce que une personne VIP peut me bannir ??

2021-03-24 7:42 PM
WHO I AM 12450
pizdyonysh, Ca ne marche toujours pas , je suis toujours banni.. Je comprends rien. Je n'ai jamais triché !

2021-03-24 7:09 PM
also i checked HUIMBOT bans, in febrary 2021 it detected and banned one cheater.

2021-03-24 7:07 PM
shvagier, hehe i translated words, but hardly understand finish sense. haha. THX))) Why PL mans lerned russian words idi nahuy ))) funny)))
i translated like this:
an impudent man with a dick fed an abrasive-go fuck yourself
I find it very funny, they were very upset about losing.
in this game no chat moderation and players VERY unlove noobs, because play u good or no, if team did loss - all in team get minus rank))

2021-03-24 7:06 PM
WHO I AM 12450, unbanned. will check

2021-03-24 1:11 PM
pizdyonysh, kozack97 writes about a team rushed / pushed hard in the game. He is not writing to you directly. He is angry with the team, not with one player.

2021-03-24 8:06 AM
WHO I AM 12450
pizdyonysh, OK merci

2021-03-24 2:37 AM
WHO I AM 12450, i will check, when no players on gameservers. i think, automatically. no hand bans

2021-03-23 8:36 AM
WHO I AM 12450
pizdyonysh, oui, je suis banni et je ne sais pas pourquoi.. je ne triche pas et je n'insulte pas. merci

2021-03-23 5:24 AM
please translate accurate, what sayed kozak? i think about me with russian words in end.

2021-03-23 5:23 AM
WHO I AM 12450, english please. are u banned?

2021-03-22 7:18 PM
WHO I AM 12450
C'est vrai que j'ai fait un 39/0 mais quand même... si ils sont noob j'y suis pour rien !! je veux bien un pistolet à eau pour jouer mais sérieux j'ai jamais triché

2021-03-22 2:26 PM
WHO I AM 12450
Deja que je joue avec des armes minable.. Ok je suis fort mais clean !!

2021-03-22 2:25 PM
WHO I AM 12450
pizdyonysh, Bonjour, Pourquoi je suis encore BAN ????

2021-03-02 10:46 PM
condor swe, you still crying like little bitch hahahaha

2021-03-02 3:31 PM
pizdyonysh as it would not be funny, but Tishka banned online this game (discord has 2000 participants), turning off his server, which worked for a year and a half. Instead, there was no other server. online has become almost empty, although previously it was often played by 10-15 people during the day.

2021-03-01 3:28 AM
BIG THX, FRALOS donated 6 euro/
BIG THX, Condor swe donated 6 euro/
BIG THX, yakutrus donated 10 euro
3 VIP is active.

2021-02-28 3:31 PM
you lose point because before i joined the game you played against noobs. you can't winning all the way man

2021-02-28 3:30 PM
Lol , you still care about your skill and point ??? lol !!!! this game is dead ok ? there is 15 people online per day ... you and balagan leave the game when your KD sucks.. thuis is really funny ))

2021-02-28 2:13 PM
condor swe
Every time i play and johnkillforce play too ---- make minus point .. yesterday lost more an 200 point ... good result from me ... righ now i playng again ...make +10 ... well .... johnkillforce joined ,,,, good result but -41 point --- this sucks

2021-02-23 4:08 PM
john, yes. VIP support rent server, not VIP not. Also not many VIPs in game, few only
HUIMBOT updated for fast work, i think u seen and now not have auto-start, if OS restarted. Will report if huimbot not work

2021-02-23 3:58 PM
So, players not VIP have to accept that VIP players can use strong weapon in small team against you ? bravo !

2021-02-09 12:29 PM
BIG THX, Cianacian! VIP added/ Donated 6.35 euro

2021-02-07 6:27 PM

Wysłano 6,35 EUR do użytkownika Андрей Широков

2021-02-07 1:39 PM
Major DRAG, BIG THX, donated 9.5 euro.
Vip is active

2021-02-03 9:23 AM
i cannt update banners for minecraft error. CMS say error in code, i think not take link with port 666)
Actual minecraft banners in site. Now 3 servers 1.16.5 (vanila, vanila and megamodded with hell bioms in regular world)

2021-02-03 9:00 AM
Big THX, jurek68. Donated 6 euro. VIP active

2021-01-29 12:32 PM
Sector server

Rotterda m, the Netherlands

Sta rt time: January 29th 2021, 02:00 UTC
End time: January 29th 2021, 07:00 UTC
Planned downtime: None

2021-01-26 6:15 AM
that would be great, and FYI i wasnt asking for something, was just trying to get someones attention as to how this player is playing. would never trade for a ban..just some justice...

2021-01-24 11:29 AM
Started minecraft server 1.16, where new world with mixed regular bioms with hell bioms and mobs, very pretty visualy. u can play freepay with t-launcher.
not need load any mods.

2021-01-22 12:25 PM
PUMCAT, BIG THX, donated 21 euro

2021-01-22 12:24 PM
axmarine, we do not sell a ban for donat. The enable teamkill command can be added for VIP. i will try add later.

2021-01-21 7:19 PM
can we get sector switched to hardcore mode

2021-01-20 10:07 PM
Do SOMETHING WITH HIM DAMN IT or lose my support...