Yesterday 5:50 AM
So being a former United States Marine I had to learn how to control my anger and as you say Irritability to keep a clear mind. I have dealt with all kinds of bullshit in my life from punks asshole like him. I come home after a hard days work to get away from fucktards and have to deal with them ingame...WTF, Maybe it is time for me to get a MOH server so I can get rid of the fucktards as I see fit. I have drolled out a hundred or more to your server because I like to play on it. But maybe my m

2020-06-01 10:27 PM
maxpayne78 I must have a mental problem ... so much hatred ... it is sad that there are people like max ... that behavior is not normal ...

2020-06-01 6:12 PM
about the American military. I watched few videos with them and analyzed little to have reliable information. but it seemed to me that they are much more honest and ethical people than Americans in General and they do not have any accumulated irritation. Their world of life is very different. They work very hard.

2020-06-01 6:08 PM
also for Kombat, I think to add an automatic mode change, as it was a year ago.
normal with and without radar. (2)
hardcore with and without recovery (2)
hardcore with or without radar (2)
there are 6 modes in total.
HUIMBOT allows you to set inaccessible modes like normal without radar or hardcore with radar.

2020-06-01 6:03 PM
I've been doing research for the last year. but IMHO a very noticeable percentage of Americans have high accumulated irritability and they can't control it. So Stealthman and Machine seem to be very evil. the reason for this is I think the highest level of hidden disrespect from the state to citizens and between citizens. Americans can't control this hidden disrespect in any way, and therefore they are very angry, because legally humiliation is legal. Few people have the comfort of m

2020-06-01 2:23 PM
fire knight
Couldn't agree more. Stealthman is an annoying fucker who just keeps spamming the same insults over and over for years now. It's like they got some seriouse mental problems

Honestly, they should have been muted a long time ago.

Here is A video nearly 2 years ago, where i told Tishka to just ban this troll.

2020-05-31 11:56 AM
axmarine, You VIP and can muted him. i will replace time for mute - will work to end of current day. i will report, when change mute-time by VIP.
And Stelhman from USA (or Canada) :)))

2020-05-31 5:42 AM
I am all about Freedom of speech. That's not the point my friend. The point is that players are leaving and if you like empty severs then so be it. I have the thickest skin around, like a good insult session, but when it affects leaving because of it then you have a problem....And BTW Fuck the mother fucker

2020-05-30 10:18 PM
hOSTING ANSWERED. Why crashed last week huimbot server - reason not my OS. HUIMBOT server moved to other phisical server.

2020-05-30 9:20 PM
i know. HUIMOT now not work. i not restarted for find reason, my OS or no. also i asked about move to other phisical server.

2020-05-29 7:37 PM
SEF clan can get page in this site, if have leader. leader can edit SEF page. aka look - FR clan page in menu. More no FR clan?
LBF too can take page in this site with link in menu

2020-05-29 6:51 PM
axmarine, the Americans, British, and Swiss in discord groups shut me up, so I'm for full freedom of speech and self-regulation. Stellman and Max Payne-insulted me, but it didn't bring any sanctions. vengo A received a mute for spam (it used the same type of repeated insults), repeating the same words 10 times per round is meaningless.

2020-05-29 2:40 PM
Fire Knight - wait unban in COMBT server.
Machine of Deatch - wait change rule - kick after first teamkill.
If You again abuse with teamkills - this rule will back.

2020-05-29 12:33 PM
axmarine, i think You wrote command with syntax error.
or error in nick aka O0 lI
i not checked logs, sat-sun only.

2020-05-29 6:23 AM
No a point of freedom of speech. Its to the point that we lose players because of his bullshit. Thnaks for looking into it. BTW commands still don't work unless my VIP has

2020-05-28 10:24 PM
Now in MOH 15+5 players.
In RFMP 17.

Strange, why did less online in MOH. Reason bug with password? summer?

2020-05-28 8:20 PM
BIG THX, Major Drag, donated 9 euro, VIP is active

2020-05-28 1:30 PM
i think not crash. I assume that not activated Windows 7 started to make an automatic restart of the OS. I activated it.
in firewall i forbidded all expect procons. maybe auto-atack from internet use bugs and do restart.
in current configuration i not can use windows server 2012.
fuq. taskkill not kill proocn proccess.
strange... i can not make script for automatically restart OS every week.

2020-05-28 1:24 PM
I was able to delete a window that was preventing files from starting from auto-upload. Now HUIMBOT will start automatically, but the OS crash can rarely ruin its current using active-file, then i can manually restore it from the backup

2020-05-28 12:21 PM
about covid in moscow

12-13% very big part (), a huge proportion of people are immune to this disease.

2020-05-28 11:15 AM
The OS automatically restarts for an unknown reason, and HUIMBOT then requires manual startup. I tried to fix it, but it hasn't worked yet. I'm trying new ways. I will look at the logs later, we have freedom of speech, only spam is prohibited (repeating the same type of messages, their repetition does not make sense).

2020-05-28 7:10 AM
Please review logs from today, Stelthman needs A PERM BAN. This guy is annoying and wont quit. Your commands weren't working tonight I couldn't mute him. we all left server. DO SOMETHING, thanks

2020-05-25 10:37 PM
I extended the TOP servers to a long time. If someone wants to own a VIP, You can have no fear that one of the servers will disappear. 24 slots set for a long time for both servers.

2020-05-24 6:37 PM
if the computer is slow, it is better to use Windows 7, which does not install updates. you can also put a paid key on it. The legal version is very slow and always has problems even with legal programs. I have long abandoned the official Windows 7. Where I had the official version installed - I erased it everywhere and put a high-quality build

2020-05-24 6:26 PM
The Icemann
I have problems with my computer, Bluescreen and slow computer. Even with punkbuster installed the server is kicking me.

2020-05-24 6:17 PM
often have this reason. sometimes few times per day

[15:16:03] > The Icemann was kicked for: PunkBuster kicked player 'The Icemann' (for 0 minutes) ... This PB Server Requires (A1384 C2.309) - Error loading pbag.

2020-05-24 4:47 PM
as far as I can see, truebalancer (transferring only the last player) and used all this week, it did not affect the popularity of the server, but now the weak attacking team turns into snipers and waits for the end of the round without any hope. I returned the smart balancer to combat server

2020-05-24 1:35 PM
Perhaps the balancer for the COMBAT server will be updated in the future. but this requires several hours of programming. It will be better with a strong unbalance. If it is not present, the current balance will work.

2020-05-24 12:00 PM
unfortunately, after EA made a problem with passwords, online traffic decreased by 30%. On sector server - I changed the restriction of weapons - it turns off at 8 and 11.

2020-05-23 2:55 PM
added command for VIP
!vip_snip er_on

2020-05-23 1:41 PM
i look, plyers try again and agan !loc !guid.
more not work

work !vip_player
where show GUID and IP.

2020-05-22 0:48 AM
BIG thx, Alanus21. Donated 11.5 euro (895rub) VIP is active

2020-05-19 5:33 PM
I play BF1 these times, more difficult than bf2 but some players call me hacker too , funny ) . maybe i'll try without video card someday.

2020-05-19 3:42 PM
John, you played with limited weapons and your skill increased to the point that you had a KD greater than 1 and cutted of 20-30 people per round. unfortunately this reduces online. The only way to play is to install the game on your laptop without a video card. Then low resolution and low FPS will make the game very difficult. But then maybe you won't enjoy it. Similar game to MOH-Bad Company 2 - there is a big online, try it.

2020-05-19 2:38 PM
fire knight, i not know, join when i look to control programm.

2020-05-19 12:59 PM
Both TOP servers set to 24 slots to long time. Because i look sometimes unbalance 16-24 ))) Because 24 slots want sector in evning time but not in night. COmbat want 24 slots in night. Servers have different locations.

2020-05-19 6:07 AM
i try to tell them to update PB but the don't listen

2020-05-18 12:35 PM
fire knight
tishka i am banned from the 16 slots server for months now, but can totally play normally in the 24 slot server. can you please check this out ?

thank you.

2020-05-18 11:24 AM
PUMCAT, easy way to fix this, you have to delete one file "token.dat" from this location "C:\Users\User_Name\OneDrive\Documents\EA Games\Medal of Honor\Multiplayer" when you do this GAME ask you to enter login and password, do this but DON'T SAVE login info

2020-05-18 0:28 AM
PUMCAT, [21:22:58] (PlayerSay ELNEDER) ELNEDER! If you kick without reason - download and re-install PUNKBUSTER

every player get after join once this message. started show 2-3 month ago

2020-05-17 2:51 PM
this problem is very bad for this game
yesterday I saw it kicking because of it
new player.
New players don't know what's going on
There is also an error logging in to the game
New players are deterred
EA apparently wants the game to die?

2020-05-17 2:38 PM
often players kick with this reason

jurek68 was banned for: This PB Server Requires (A1384 C2.309) - Error loading pbag.

for fix restart computer.

if not helped - reinstall punkbuster and handly add moh-game

2020-05-17 2:11 PM
For vip added new command to chat.
!vip_player nick (write 4 symbols of nick)
show for VIP only guid ip country

About write nick. Not write full nick. write 4-5 symbols from target nick only. if server re-ask You and show full nick for do VIP-command - answer !yes or !no.

2020-05-16 3:17 PM
gta5 freepay in epicgames. after taked gta5 i get coupon to $10 for pay to other games

2020-05-16 6:49 AM
i did off smart balancer, if less 6 players, unreal good balance smallest teams

2020-05-15 0:08 AM
Cianacian, take off the check mark to save password and enter the password every time

2020-05-14 10:52 PM
Hi, cant log in, what happenned with MOH ??

2020-05-14 11:51 AM
Thx Bro !

2020-05-14 0:39 AM
fire knight, no. even in these restrictions, you often have a KD = 2.... 5. the restriction reduces your aggressive tactics. you also have the right to take any weapons from the ground, but this is a very dangerous second if more than 14..16 players.

2020-05-14 0:10 AM
fire knight
moD, 2 years special treatment smile

Tishka, how about setting the limit at 16+?

I use p90 and sniper most of the time already even if I have the chance to play with other guns.

Deal.... Deal ? 😉

2020-05-13 11:24 PM
Also, I basically did almost everything in MOH programming. You can add that HUIMBOT selects which team the player joins before the first spawn, if both teams are equal. The SECTOR balancer is already working well. You can also limit the teamkill VIP to 10 kills and show how many days are left before the end of the VIP. I don't know what else to do. But it's too boring to play only.

2020-05-13 11:10 PM
Condor can have procon access and say that this is not its server, and he is not the owner, access to control only. But someone is definitely lying. Very familiar inscriptions in the game-chat, as they were before.
PUMCAT, i think, too have a lifetime VIP. PUMCAT supported servers as much as possible from all players all the time.

2020-05-13 9:58 PM
learn to read comprehension
I wrote ... probably
similar problems were with you when the PUM-ICE-HEIS server existed
Besides, Andryu has a lifetime VIP status!

2020-05-13 8:22 PM
Pumcat ..... end your nonsense ... you insult many players too .... and I asked iceman about the server and he is not the owner

2020-05-13 8:12 PM
The Apocalyptic server is probably an IceMan server
Condor has always had a lot of influence on him
and he could ask him to ban Andryu

2020-05-13 8:05 PM
proposes to ban Condor temporarily
on TOP servers
for one month
either it will calm down or the time penalty again
Andrey42 has done so much good for this game
always stands against cheaters

2020-05-13 7:17 PM
fire knight, oh joy! You and I get special treatment!

2020-05-13 7:16 PM
Andrey43, you might be right about it being Condors server. I am banned on that server as well and it miraculously happened shortly after Condor joined the server.

2020-05-13 6:19 PM
I apologize .. it was not my intention

2020-05-13 5:43 PM