2021-03-02 10:46 PM
condor swe, you still crying like little bitch hahahaha

2021-03-02 3:31 PM
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachm....own.png as it would not be funny, but Tishka banned online this game (discord has 2000 participants), turning off his server, which worked for a year and a half. Instead, there was no other server. online has become almost empty, although previously it was often played by 10-15 people during the day.

2021-03-01 3:28 AM
BIG THX, FRALOS donated 6 euro/
BIG THX, Condor swe donated 6 euro/
BIG THX, yakutrus donated 10 euro
3 VIP is active.

2021-02-28 3:31 PM
you lose point because before i joined the game you played against noobs. you can't winning all the way man

2021-02-28 3:30 PM
Lol , you still care about your skill and point ??? lol !!!! this game is dead ok ? there is 15 people online per day ... you and balagan leave the game when your KD sucks.. thuis is really funny ))

2021-02-28 2:13 PM
condor swe
Every time i play and johnkillforce play too ---- make minus point .. yesterday lost more an 200 point ... good result from me ...now ... righ now i playng again ...make +10 ... well .... johnkillforce joined ,,,, good result but -41 point --- this sucks

2021-02-23 4:08 PM
john, yes. VIP support rent server, not VIP not. Also not many VIPs in game, few only
HUIMBOT updated for fast work, i think u seen and now not have auto-start, if OS restarted. Will report if huimbot not work

2021-02-23 3:58 PM
So, players not VIP have to accept that VIP players can use strong weapon in small team against you ? bravo !

2021-02-09 12:29 PM
BIG THX, Cianacian! VIP added/ Donated 6.35 euro

2021-02-07 6:27 PM

Wysłano 6,35 EUR do użytkownika Андрей Широков

2021-02-07 1:39 PM
Major DRAG, BIG THX, donated 9.5 euro.
Vip is active

2021-02-03 9:23 AM
i cannt update banners for minecraft error. CMS say error in code, i think not take link with port 666)
Actual minecraft banners in TOp-CLAN.ru site. Now 3 servers 1.16.5 (vanila, vanila and megamodded with hell bioms in regular world)

2021-02-03 9:00 AM
Big THX, jurek68. Donated 6 euro. VIP active

2021-01-29 12:32 PM
Sector server

Rotterda m, the Netherlands

Sta rt time: January 29th 2021, 02:00 UTC
End time: January 29th 2021, 07:00 UTC
Planned downtime: None

2021-01-26 6:15 AM
that would be great, and FYI i wasnt asking for something, was just trying to get someones attention as to how this player is playing. would never trade for a ban..just some justice...

2021-01-24 11:29 AM
Started minecraft server 1.16, where new world with mixed regular bioms with hell bioms and mobs, very pretty visualy. u can play freepay with t-launcher.
not need load any mods.

2021-01-22 12:25 PM
PUMCAT, BIG THX, donated 21 euro

2021-01-22 12:24 PM
axmarine, we do not sell a ban for donat. The enable teamkill command can be added for VIP. i will try add later.

2021-01-21 7:19 PM
can we get sector switched to hardcore mode

2021-01-20 10:07 PM
Do SOMETHING WITH HIM DAMN IT or lose my support...

2021-01-20 7:59 AM
When i joined with uknow nick - easy kill Oribal83. He strong and show high results vs weak team only. If balanced team - then no hignest results.

2021-01-20 7:13 AM
axmarine, oribal83 is broaff... and I suspect and he is not clean...

2021-01-20 0:26 AM
i dont complain much but you need to look at Oribal83 he is a fking hack. please look at game play for 1/19...Pekras is questionalbe play today too....server lost alot of players because of those two

2021-01-16 8:07 AM
sithninja05, as long as there are visits, it will be alive, because the hosting is free, and works as long as there are visits. if there are no visits, the site will be automatically deleted after 1 month.

2021-01-12 9:36 AM
is this website still alive??

2021-01-05 5:59 PM

2021-01-02 8:09 PM
Happy NY
The lag is very big.
All bullets needed to kill someone. ((

2021-01-02 3:05 AM
2 much lag 2 play this server ((

2020-12-31 12:36 PM

2020-12-28 0:39 AM

2020-12-27 2:15 PM
Can you unban soon ? i have one week holliday and go back to school...

2020-12-25 1:57 PM
BIG THX, Axmarine, donated 19euro. VIp is active.
happy holydays!

2020-12-24 10:59 PM
hmmm. really. Tishka turne off his server 2 week ago (after support 1.5 year). hehe, players say bb this MP game))

2020-12-24 12:39 PM
Thank you tiska, have a good christmas

2020-12-24 2:35 AM

2020-12-23 11:04 AM
shvagier, work on external server, not in gameserver. huimbot send commands only to gameserver, kill, move, speak to chat ...

2020-12-22 5:07 PM
I,m not banned. I think huimbot makes lags for players.

2020-12-22 4:34 PM
John, i will try think about ur unabn)))

2020-12-22 3:27 PM
shvagier, why? are u get weapon limit or ban? no?

2020-12-22 2:17 AM
Huimbot is megashit, it kills this game. Tishka turn it off please.

2020-12-20 6:14 PM
BIG THX, 1django , donated 12 euro. VIP is active

2020-12-19 6:25 PM
Now i'm student so i'll could play very rarely, i'll try to play weak and i'll do my best to let the server full..

2020-12-19 6:11 PM
Hello everybody, its been so long. Sometimes i think at kunar or garmzir and i'm sad.Sad because no longer i can run moh. Its a deep SOS i send to you tiska....I wanna play my lovely game... please. ='(

2020-12-16 12:06 PM

2020-12-14 5:52 PM
Ok, i will try to remember

2020-12-09 10:08 PM
Alan, better donate in euro only, not rubles, because 1022 rub ~= 11 euro)
also about donate euro only - wrote in top-clan site.in addition, double conversion. You convert from euros to rubles. when I pay for the server, it is from rubles to euros or $ and again the Commission.

2020-12-09 7:30 PM
12€ biggrin

2020-12-09 4:10 PM
BIG THX Alanus21. U donated 11 euro. Added VIP time.

2020-12-08 6:02 PM
Check your paypal wink

2020-12-07 0:10 AM
I AM STOPPED SUPPORT rAVENFIELD MULTYPLAYER MOD GAME. SINgle server in world is turned off. no other servers in world. reaosn: few users do disrespect single hoster in world, also i continue banned in RFMP steam forum and RFMP discord (i freepay hosted server for players 1.5 year). nice result:) game will dead

2020-12-04 8:24 PM
it's still funny to me, instead of a photo of a person's face-my face is a cat logo, and Facebook argued, but in the end accepted all my terms of use, I roll on the fuck his TOS. But let's see what happens next, in the future, he may block the account again

2020-12-04 11:00 AM
I can say one thing, I'm on the fuck spit and discord and Facebook, I absolutely do not give a shit about these American companies that can disable the account at any unpredictable moment. Let me remind you, I have a complete replacement of the discord on my host, including calls through the app on the smatphone (like whatsup) and inserting images from the clipboard and transferring large files, as in telegram.

2020-12-04 11:00 AM
I didn't use Facebook for a month or more after it asked me to confirm my identity. He chose 3 users and suggested that I ask them not via Facebook - that they go to my confirmation page and confirm. that Tishka is me. I don't give a shit if I have Facebook or not. I kept getting notifications in my email. today I clicked the notifications link and went back to Facebook. I wonder why he stopped asking me to confirm my identity. without confirmation, I was forbidden to do anything.

2020-11-23 1:41 PM
also, don't be surprised to my change the name of the server in NS2 - I will support coprophiles as opposed to the gay lobby in NS2. Coprophiles want to kiss in public like gays, snacking on feces and giving each other a finger out of the ass. this is their social interaction like gays.

2020-11-23 11:30 AM
the 2 games I play have a strong gay lobby. I'm tired of their advertising games. In NS2, I decided to support coprophiles. They have the right to do the same thing in public as gays. Hugging, kissing, eating shit. This is their social interaction. As it turned out, the gay lobby hates other non-traditional sexual relationships and I got banned from NS2 discord for this offer. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachm....own.png

2020-11-23 11:22 AM
очень смешной топик в стиме, где защищают права геев на социальное взаимодействие в публичных местах, обниматься, целоваться. я предложил точно также - защищать права копрофилов, они не хуже геев, могут обниматься, целоваться в публичном местах, закусывая калом. но почему - это ввергает в шок защитников геев?

2020-11-23 1:58 AM

2020-11-22 3:49 AM
about weapon limit, if no for strongest players and strong player joined to weak players (novice). result.
game balancer not calibrated, because round N3 for new account


2020-11-21 6:05 PM
NOw Bad COmpny 2 = 124 rub in origin (1.5 euro for RU region)

2020-11-20 2:57 AM
EME421, I also know that many Muslims ignore many provisions of the Qur'an, eat pork, or use more modern interpretations of the Qur'an instead. but a very small percentage of aggressive Muslims follow these lines from the Koran.