Yesterday 11:33 PM

Yesterday 5:39 PM
pizdyonysh, can i upload it to youtube?

Yesterday 11:53 AM
EME421, when u ready rec video on mobile? and upload to google disk for not degress quality. Rec FULL HD quality to mobile. i think, u have 64 or 128Gb in mobile

Yesterday 9:08 AM
EME421, unbanned

2020-09-19 7:04 PM
pizdyonysh, no im still banned

2020-09-19 6:29 PM
EME421, are u not unbanned?

2020-09-19 3:42 PM
ramblerru, unban so i can record

2020-09-18 10:54 PM
fire knight
ummm, EME is not a cheater , played many rounds against him and didn't find anything suspecious at all

about that video, it is really horrible. the crazy constant frame dropping and low resolution make it hard to judge the player.

i guess it was fair play but just shitty recording.

2020-09-18 10:29 PM
ramblerru, idont think yestin is cheating in this video because he is using the game radar to find players thats not wall hack

2020-09-18 10:15 PM
ramblerru, im not cheating and i will record like you said

2020-09-18 10:06 PM
Tipical video with overlay WH, WH no on video.

EME421, you've been playing the same way lately.

If you have used WH in the last month, it is better to say so immediately, so as not to waste time on checks.

2020-09-18 9:52 PM
EME421, i think, u started use WH.if no, then u easy show your permannent KD=3 on sector in any team.

2020-09-18 8:45 PM
EME421, unbanned. try play on sector server. but KD=3! on sector, when no limit weapons (over 12 players)

2020-09-18 7:42 PM
ramblerru, ok

2020-09-18 5:50 PM
EME421, are u ready do external record monitor? and show high kd = 2...3 (often 3, tipical for u)

2020-09-18 4:46 PM
EME421, no. external record only. not programm in computer, not shadow player, fraps and etc. Mobile telephon is good

2020-09-18 3:55 PM
ramblerru, you want me to record myself playing ?
i have a video on youtube

2020-09-18 10:11 AM
EME421, It is required to record legible video from the monitor screen using a webcam or phone in a team of more than 10 people (no weapons restrictions) and when I play with you. 1 hour of video. Direct recording of the screen by the program to the computer is prohibited. You must show a permanent KD=3. At least 2, but sometimes. You can do this on Sunday or Saturday. Are you ready?

2020-09-14 8:53 PM
Big THX, PUMCAT. Donated 21 euro

2020-09-14 8:53 PM
EME421, i will aswer later, after aalize full ifo.

2020-09-14 1:39 AM
ramblerru, why im getting kicked??

2020-09-13 2:53 PM
weapon limit list cleaned, expect few players.

2020-09-11 2:33 PM
if interesting read. in MOH chat on many messages today

2020-09-11 2:07 PM
and about the error of the balancer, when a strong player can't spawn short time (1-2min) i won't fix it. It's like punishing a strong player. I watched the game. This is fair. He completely destroyed the other team and did not go over to the weak one himself. like I do it for balance.

2020-09-10 2:36 PM
About The Condor. I read the chats, many players insult in the chat. You can insult back. But what's the point? It's more fun to do something fun and positive)) I always like to get into a discussion if someone insults me in other games. Usually, the opponent does not continue for a long time. When you laugh at your opponent, they don't want to insult you anymore.

2020-09-10 2:32 PM
EME421, many players insulting. also after mute not work fully VIP. because player not casn write to chat.
Huimbot casn support I think you can have 2 types of mute. it is generally forbidden to write in the chat. and you can write 1 time in the chat in the round and then mute until the end of the round.

2020-09-09 2:26 AM
ramblerru, mute condor that loser never shut up

2020-09-08 1:37 AM
unfortunately, now I do not use the 60 Mbit optical channel and now I have connected the 4G mobile Internet. its speed is 2-12Mbit. to my surprise, it is 3-4 times cheaper, I think, because they are a monopolist in my area. There are occasional lags. You can't play in heavy rain. lags are also associated with a slow outgoing channel. now I have a fast computer over 100 FPS

2020-09-08 1:02 AM
BIG THX, Niklas SWE. donated 10 euro.
i will add VIP now

2020-09-08 0:46 AM
on the limitation of weapons. It may make sense to remove this restriction for some players. or automatic reset 1 time in 2 months. Machine - your style of play harms other players and they lose the fun of the game and the desire to return to it. Therefore, the special weapon restriction for you cannot be lifted. Better you 1 leave the game than 10-20 people.

2020-09-08 0:39 AM
I had the opportunity to play and watch a couple of other games where there are 10 players in a round. my opinion-HUIMBOT and its WEAPON RESTRICTION module - according to the result of balancing , this is a very high level and done professionally. However, HUIMBOT does not use any player RANK history for do nice balance.

2020-09-08 0:33 AM
server showed me - i 38 days not played.
about automatic restriction of weapons for strong players. it is mandatory. Many players play multiple games and strong players who abuse power-they kill the motivation of players weaker - to return to this game. Many players play multiple games and don't want to feel powerless against the strongest player. it's easier for them to leave this game.

2020-09-07 11:19 PM
hi guys. i did back. i will read and will answer ))
i look, HUIMBOT worked max stabil)) hehe without any handly restart OS or HUIMBOT. nice

2020-08-16 3:50 PM
Maxime, I am also banned on LBF & never given a reason why other then I was to good at sniping. It would be nice to be unbanned. Glad to see others are tired of Condor finally! The weapon limit & balance system Tishka has is definitely killing the servers & it's too bad he won't listen to the complaints. These are the reasons I've stopped playing MOH & started playing bf3 again.

2020-08-11 8:50 PM
get ban on server, can't play ?

2020-08-09 1:00 PM
The Top Clan Server will also die sooner or later if Tishka doesn't take this shitty weapon limiter out. In the past, the server was always full from early morning on, since the weapon limiter there are hardly any players on this server, including me. It makes no sense to play on this server if every beginner or camper idiots can play with your normal weapons, but the opponents all have to play with Snipper.

2020-08-09 0:39 AM
maxime why am i banned????why??? explain pls/svp )

2020-08-08 11:59 PM
-----------myself as an admin I'm not saint and I made many mistakes
but such deliberate revenge is very weak
I did not share this video on the network
but what the LBF administrator was doing then was embarrassing
and I could be banned right away
and after the case
I would understand
and so the stench of the LBF administrators remained

2020-08-08 11:59 PM
to maxime fr
LBF server is not cool, of course that's my opinion
administrators are much worse
from the one you complain about "Condor"
I understand your server and you can ban me
I have no problems with that
but I have video evidence of LBF server admin behavior
but why do you kill a player multiple times from the Procon level
do you change his team from Procon level many times?
is it funny ?
what admi did was very weak and i had never seen anything l

2020-08-08 10:37 PM
maxime fr
shvagier, you know why you are banned among other things for insult, you think you are strong but you suck with me in 1 against 1 with the knife;) I have nothing to add

2020-08-08 7:55 PM
Tishka turn off voting for combat on server control server

2020-08-08 7:46 PM
There are many players banned from LBF without reason (including me). I think LBF don't accept strong players. Many players left MOH game definitely due to decisions LBF admins. Decisions of LBF admins causes that MOH game is dying. Every month less and less players joining both combat servers. That sad but true.

2020-08-08 6:30 PM
fire knight
Maxime i am banned in LBF server for months now and still don't know the reason.

Matoucool told me the admin just did it !

2020-08-08 5:47 PM
maxime fr
hi everyone, no thank you we don't want a condor and he's ban;) we gave with him, the LBF server is cool and respectful of the players if they are correct with the other players you have known me for a long time c is always how I work, no more fr (CRAZYFROG)

2020-08-08 3:39 PM
maxime fr
slt a tous ,non merci on ne veux pas de condor et il est ban;) on a donne avec lui ,le serveur LBF est cool et respectueux des joueurs si ils sont correcte avec les autres joueurs vous vous me connais depuis longtemp c est toujours comme ca que je fonctionne ,a plus maxime fr(CRAZYFROG)

2020-08-08 0:29 AM
fire knight
Doesn't matter how many if us complain about the idiot condor swe, who keeps changing server mode and causing many players to leave.

Also condor can you please stop being a racist piece of shit for a damn minute ?

2020-08-06 0:14 AM
C0ndor leave this game!!! You destroy this game. Go to LBF server.

2020-08-06 0:08 AM
Condor RU idiot??? U tried mute me???
White Europe is for white people!!

2020-08-05 11:59 PM
ramblerru, can you fucking do something about condor he insult,mute and team kill every time i play

players are buying vip just to be assholes to other players

2020-08-05 7:13 PM
fire knight
nvm, fixed it anyway smile

2020-08-05 5:55 PM
fire knight
tishak, i keep getting booted out of the server 2 or 3 minutes after joining. the round just freezes for seconds then i get kicked.

any reason for that? maybe on your end. or the problem on mine ?

i updated PB and run the game as admin. if you can maybe check the logs for the reason.

2020-08-05 9:24 AM
soory. i ultra busy in this week. will back in SAT.

will add VIP - THX. and unmute.

2020-08-05 0:53 AM
yes when condor choose combat everyone leaves

2020-08-04 6:58 PM
and second, 98% of the players are on your server playing Sector Control, including me. But Condor Swe chooses Combat Mission every time he comes to your server. If he likes to play Combat so much he should go to the LBF server.

2020-08-04 6:40 PM
Your gun limit is the biggest piece of shit of all time.
since days my team has to play with snipper and the opponents all have their normal weapons, no matter if beginner or pro. what's this shit? either all snipper or all normal weapons. so there is no justice in the game at all.

2020-08-02 7:18 PM
Issue solved )

2020-08-02 1:13 AM
Punkbuster reinstalled. Kicked every game. Brand new graphic card.

2020-07-22 9:30 PM
fire knight
Thank you smile

2020-07-21 1:57 PM
FIre KNIGHT unbanned on COMBAT.
Yakutrus muted

2020-07-19 8:26 PM
players leave bbecause of him.
Insulting all the time. ((