2021-12-04 11:31 PM
WHO I AM 12450 BIG THX, donated 10 euro, VIP active

2021-12-03 3:49 AM
i play in this freepay game too. Realm rOYALE

2021-12-02 8:10 PM
COMBAT server will be close, rent time will add to current popular server.
reason. Now no online for do full 2 servers

2021-12-02 2:45 PM
New map night map list is good, i think) server play more long time

2021-11-30 1:30 PM
Ok thank you and regards

2021-11-30 4:03 AM
mikos2811, u automatically will be unban
but if u have acc N3, unban not work fully/
strange story, i not have time fully check logs, i think u used IP of one of cheater

2021-11-29 6:22 PM
I don't use a VPN at all.

2021-11-29 11:39 AM
condor swe, i think PUMCAT play in one game only and his skill very hign. i played vs PUMCAT and balance good. i think, problem in balance only, now rarely very strong players in game and PUMCAT do big unbalance

2021-11-29 11:36 AM
mikos2811, are u use VPN sometimes?

2021-11-28 10:59 PM
condor swe
Sunday ... sector control map 24 player full speed all happy ... switched to mazari map ... 20 player ... pumcat join and all players start leaving the serve ,,, Many players complain that pumcat does not play clean ... I do not know if admin (tishka) checks if pumcat plays clean or not; . On 2 TOP servs that pumcat played .... players start leaving the game ..... from 24 players ... only 8 stayed. You may be wondering why TOP COMBAT service is always empty .. think about it

2021-11-28 3:12 PM
I didnt cheat on any account. Other account is I0I BART I0I

2021-11-27 7:50 PM
mikos2811, if u cheated from acc 1, u cannt play in our servers from acc 2. HUIMBOT protected. what is other acc?

2021-11-27 6:29 PM
I have legally purchased two games. This is not a crime, is it?

2021-11-26 11:36 PM
mikos2811, strange, why u now asked about unban now, if u did get ban 15.09.2021
i think , u know why ban.
cheaters cannt play with other acc too

2021-11-26 12:54 PM
Nick mikos2811. I get constantly killed on top-clan.ru MOH2010 server

2021-11-26 1:23 AM
mikos2811, are u stupid fully?u asked why, but u not answered me, 3 question

2021-11-25 6:56 PM
Hello,I got banned from the MOH2010 game, I don't understand why.

2021-11-25 1:32 AM
mikos 2811, whAT is nick in game? server name? what do ban? kick or kill?

2021-11-24 7:55 PM
mikos 2811
What a ban for?

2021-11-23 2:29 PM
i think, will add sector maps in night combat maplist, u can skip unlike maps
later, now no time

2021-11-22 11:26 PM
i played. 20min.
like sector control, but big map, i turned off any vehicles, then more smart tactic

2021-11-18 11:39 PM
Thé Guy who tell me to relax

2021-11-18 10:56 PM
John, nick of cheater? better video

2021-11-18 1:35 PM
lol, that guy come from nowhere, take a sniper and get almost 100 % good shot.

2021-11-18 1:33 PM
bitch ? i'm dreaming ! put video of you destroy a real player and insult me AFTER son of bitches.

2021-11-18 1:12 PM
John, relax bitch

2021-11-18 12:37 PM
It work that way now, if you don't put video, you are a cheater , that's all. Keep quiet now.

2021-11-18 12:35 PM
poor son of bitch record a 1vs1 sniper again st me and open your mouth .

2021-11-18 12:13 PM
john, come on, are you mad at me!?

2021-11-18 12:00 PM
Ok, now, its enough, today morning, a fucker hacker again, i played 12/36 againsyt him.. he shot from everywhere wait for me everytime, its enough, tiska we dont pay to play cheaters , fuck !

2021-11-13 3:39 AM
PUMCAT, HUIMBOT detected new cheater from USA or Canada, he used aimbot

2021-11-12 9:11 PM
OHOK now destroys all strong players!
Do you still need a video?
Hiumbot? The question is where is he?

2021-11-12 9:10 PM
PUMCAT, honest players only, i think server friend)

2021-11-12 8:57 PM
OHOK, NOT ZEUS, ORIBAL83 server friends?

2021-11-12 8:28 PM
condor swe, look, i often upload video with my 4G and not cry))


2021-11-12 8:15 PM
condor swe, many empty words vs few video.
shadow play ask $10 about every 1 recorded video, yes? upload in youtube too $10, yes?

Why i in Russia have 5TB disk in datacenter (in 3 acc) for save any files, or playback for u original video, but u from rich Europe no? maybe ur lazy only, Condor. i often upload video by 4G channel, (20min= 7Gb), but u with optical channel 100mbit or more cannt save-upload video, ahahah.

2021-11-12 4:28 PM
condor swe
Maybe you're right about what you say .... but ... even to you he can trick you so you can not even see what kind of cheating he uses ... so ... Who's more noob. .. the players or admin ???

2021-11-10 1:31 PM
condor swe, put link, i not seen cheats. maybe for noobs he hacker...

2021-11-09 3:52 PM
condor swe
tishkadront Many players have written here on your website (bullclan) and reported ORIBAL83 ... do you want to watch video ... go to my youtube page ... Remember you had banned Oribal83 a long time ago
Once a cheater .. always a cheater

2021-11-09 3:28 PM
condor swe, are u recorded video with shadow play. no?

2021-11-08 10:33 PM
condor swe
I do not know how many times I have reported that ORIBAL83 is a cheater --- report him again, to have a score of 36-0 it is not normal if you do not cheat --- many have reported oribal83 but admin does not want to understand.

2021-11-08 3:17 PM
Andrey, Yes
It's the same person.

2021-11-08 12:31 PM
1-2 players, like vkv JOIN-OUT many times in round (he want jump in strong team), this jumping players give often balance other players without reason, i am ready add protect vs this type of players, really. Plyer can 2 times only join in current round, 3-th - he get autokick, because when this trash jump-out from server for next join after 15sec, autobalance work very often. Its bad for other players, when they move every out-join this trash jumping players
i Want will add this rule in HUIMB

2021-11-06 3:14 AM
John, yes, i seen

2021-11-05 10:12 PM
Today i play rarely and i really decrease on m'y skill. I play Bad.

2021-11-05 10:11 PM
Ok have you added me as Vip player ?

2021-11-05 11:38 AM
John, description of vip-status.


2021-11-05 11:07 AM
Vip status ? Its only sniper pistol all thé way ?

2021-11-04 8:02 PM
Guys, online degressing, now maximum online = 24, but maximum average in popular time = 18...20. I think, this last time brfore summer, when u can play on full server 24 players. enjoy next months. i think, in summer 22, max average online will be = 14-15 players.
Max simular game Bad Company 2, if MOH dead, i will support BC2))

2021-11-04 7:59 PM
John, also, i think, u forget, about RULE for u, u can play with VIP status only

2021-11-04 7:57 PM
John, BIG THX, u donater 10 euro, wait, VIP will be active today

2021-11-04 7:56 PM
Guys, i think about close COMBAT server, now online very small, no playewrs for 2 server (((
will look, LBF too empty.
i think good idea, auto-swith maplist, in night to COMBAT.
PUMCAT, what u think about that?

2021-11-04 7:55 PM
Hello. Did you see my PayPal donation ?

2021-11-03 4:33 AM
i checked auto-change mapkist day-night, and vote next map by vip, all work correcty.
About weapon limit - work on sector maps only, on other maps WL auto OFF

2021-11-02 4:02 PM
PUMCAT, i can set COMBAT server in mode, where u see ur score in round, but any player not wull get change his rank< but then rouind start frim 1 player, HUIMBOT can set this unical mode) really, 1 player can capture target, show kills, score, TAB work fully. will do it or no?? what u think? u can answer to e-mail or chat

2021-11-02 3:59 PM
PUMCAT, will check new maplist on Sector server (in night COMBAT maps only). Now online not big, and, i think, better 1 server& no? my FB not work again, trash FB ask scan of my passport, i want send photo of my dick, true choice?)))

2021-11-02 7:30 AM
i programmed and added command
show current mode, day or night and show how many minut u wait combat mode maplist

2021-11-02 4:12 AM
i programmed HUIMBOT, auto-switch. in day time SECTOR maps, in night COMBAT maps. maybe have bugs, will report if any errors.

2021-11-02 0:55 AM
i added MIX maplist, vote work correctly, i think, i will add change map list to COMBAT for night 23 or 24.00 in time of this site, in morning back to mix maplist.
Or i think will add vote for any player to COMBAT MAps (work in night only)
But will do auto-switch map in night-day time - not easy))

2021-11-01 7:19 PM
Guys, i look, online now more small, i try set mix map now, will give feedback. few maps capture flag and rarely combat maps, please skip, if want skip combat map. For look next map - wirte in chat