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CLAN WARs | КЛАНВАР | Views: 2025 | Date: 2015-05-13 | Comments (3)

The results of the CLANWARS: clan-players-maplist-result

Other clans get server MOH 16\16 with password to 1 day for any clanwar)

CLAN WARs | КЛАНВАР | Views: 1677 | Date: 2015-01-17 | Comments (3)


  1. The clan-war is not a war to show who steeper, and friendly competition for obtaining the team experience. It doesn't matter who won. Better to play a lot of clanwars. It is also possible the formation of teams with little skill without the strongest players, let them get involved experience. ​
  2. Every clan will choose maps and game modes for these maps (hardcore or no) and notify in advance the other clan. To every clan could be prepared for these maps. COMBAT maps are always played 2 rounds. Averages time ingame for clanwar 90min (with a pause between rounds ~2 hours summary)
  3. Win to 1 round = 1 points. 
  4. If on combat maps  both teams taked last target, then winner-team - who use minimal time to atack in round.  Winner team get 2 points (played 2 rounds)
  5. If on Objective raid maps both teams taked 2 targets to atack, then winner team - who use minimal time and get 2 targets. Winner team get 2 points (played 2 rounds)
  6. Each clan selects conditions to 4 rounds. Total 8 rounds to clanwar (4+4). 
    Increasing the number of rounds over 8 - if  the other clan agree.
  7. Clans give info, how many players join to clanwar.
  8. Clans choice for his maps status for him rounds:
    -Name of MAP and how many rounds (for COMBAT and OBJ RAID min=2)
    -MODE for not combat maps: Capture the Flag, Teamassault, Objective Raid
    -Hardcore (teamkill, no radar, no repair of health)  yes\no
    -Croshairs visiable for tube yes\no?
    -AutoKill for teamkiller yes\no?
  9. The results of mathes of CLANWAR will be public or will be hidden for all?
  10. Teams use any weapons to clanwar. Limited weapon - if both clan want that (only pistol or without M24-SV98 and etc.)
  11. If one team want clanwar without premium weapons, then both teams not use premium weapons (RPK, M60, M240, MP17)
  12. Teams choice one server for CLANWAR (good if have 2-th server for reserve). Or variant - maps for 1-th team play to server number ONE. Maps for 2-th team play on server number TWO.
  13. Autokick for teamkillers to hardcore mode = OFF (edit on Procon)
  14. After each round, the possible change and replacement of participants. If someone is kicked from a disconnect, then the clan-war continues. 
  15. The results of the clan-war count on results of one or two matches. The losing team may ask about the second match and the winning team is unable to deny their request, otherwise the victory to match does not count. The second-rematch will take place no later than 1 month from the date of the first match.  
  16. To clanwars use Moscow time on this site - see left on top) 
  17. Well - if every player all time record video.
  18. If to CLANWAR time player disconnected - clanwar continue (no stop), and player rejoin to server.
  19. Not use any cheats. Any macros for mouse forbidden.
  20. To clanwar join only real members. There are no guest players who are not in a clan or players from other clans with other nick. Players in the clan-war use the same nicknames that in the member-list of clan. 
  21. Clans, who do clanwar have site or page with members list.
  22. To use only the old well-known nicknames in the clan-war.
  23. After end of rounds - pause for make screenshots of result of round.
  24. Lossed team  have  +1 player in rematch (minimum 4 player on one team)  - if the difference equal  or more than 3 points to total result on 1-th match. 

Gameplay time (MAX) to round: 

Capture the FLAG - 15min (Average 13min) 
COMBAT - 30+30min (Average 20+20min) 
Objective RAID - 5+5min (average 4min) 
Team Assault - 20min (Average 15min) 

Conditions of the clan-war discussed publicly here. On the day of the clan-war meet in a group Skype.

BULL CLAN give server 16\16 with password for clanwar (1day) to any clans. Location in Holland.

CLANS give this info for CLANWAR:

  • Link to members list of CLAN
  • How many players join to clanwar from clan (min-max)
  • Every team for 4 rounds choice maps and mode (Total 8 rounds)
  • Premium weapons use or no? 
  • Choice 1 server or 2 server for clanwar
  • Result of matches public or hidden?
  • Good date and time for start clanwar.
CLAN WARs | КЛАНВАР | Views: 5382 | Date: 2014-01-20 | Comments (52)

2020-09-21, 4:32 PM
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