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2018-03-13, 8:53 PM


TOP member list

  • Andrey43
  • ArjanrobinxNL 

TOP CLAN - clan of friends. Joined old players, who before many talk and play, and long time know himself.


-TOP CLAN members are friends who have known each other for a long time.
-Play complex modifications of different games for development.
-It goes without saying that members of the TOP CLAN often take TOP places in different games, and this is not a goal, but just an indicator of development.

Added by: ramblerru |
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Total comments: 18
18 ramblerru   (2019-08-12 11:50 PM) [Материал]
STarted new site for TOP CLAN

17 ramblerru   (2019-05-29 8:49 PM) [Материал]
i looked, not use tag [TOP]to main nick => leaved TOP clan automatically
  • Heisenberg4004
  • The Icemann

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16 gimenezuy   (2019-02-16 5:10 PM) [Материал]
hey me not using paypal me using mastercard sad

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15 gimenezuy   (2019-02-16 4:42 PM) [Материал]
where can I pay??

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14 FIRE KNIGHT   (2019-02-11 2:18 PM) [Материал]
i will answer all your doubts that you still put on me,like you saying i have advantage over other players

1-as i told you i play this game at1080p 60fps,this is standard common resolution and fps as you now

2-about information update thing you are right if i play at higher refresh rate
144+ for example,but no i play as you and other players (60) cause i
have only 60hz monitor.

3-you keep bringing gtx480\560 thing over and over,yet you forgot that you talk about 2010 old game,any card
starting from gtx560 or gtx660 will play MOH it 1080p and
normal\high graphics with 50+ fps,it laterally makes no difference as have GPU higher than gtx660,it is old game

4- i have YT videos you can check one of them and compare them with any
other MOH pro players videos ,tell me what is the difference

5-i have many videos that i can upload,but i don't have time for that, here there are 2 small 10 sec encounters with you

as you can see in first one i only killed you cause i did head shot,you
use overpowered gun and shot me on the body,yet you managed to kill me
,in the second one i started shooting at you first as you see.

6- i rarely get k\d of 5 or 10 in rounds, i usually get 2 and 2.5k\d in
most of my rounds,it is a game after all sometimes i win and sometimes i

7- there are players faster than me for example JKF,he have average pc yet he is better in every aspect.

i don't continue this topic hoping that you will remove the weapon limit
or to unmute me.believe me i am not,i am continuing this to just prove a
point and nothing else

i would like to say that i played in top\bull server since 2015,i never had any problems with you,you are
always fair and very good admin and don't ban any player fro playing

finally, i don't mean any disrespect by any means,and whatever decision you take a agree with it.

have a nice day.


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13 gimenezpc   (2018-10-07 10:04 PM) [Материал]
hi please unban in server top tishka me not using hack and notice  you using or abused

11 ramblerru   (2018-08-11 4:24 PM) [Материал]
ArjanrobinxNL  Welcome to TOP clan

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12 arjanderuijter   (2018-08-12 3:01 AM) [Материал]
Thank you!  biggrin

10 ramblerru   (2018-08-11 4:24 PM) [Материал]
Condor few time ago changed tag and auto exit from TOP clan. i updated member list after 1-2 month only))

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8 KANT66   (2018-06-13 4:53 PM) [Материал]
Don't know if it's the right place but anyone know where I can contact an admin of SEV for being unmuted (don't kow he reason why)?

9 ramblerru   (2018-06-13 9:45 PM) [Материал]
ask Eminent SEV in left chat, he write and read

7 ramblerru   (2018-06-12 1:58 PM) [Материал]
K1ll3rM4ch1n3, what you blame  PUMCAT shows your low professionalism in detecting cheaters. He is honest all time.

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6 PUMCAT   (2018-06-11 5:37 PM) [Материал]
now PUMCAT is a cheater
I could kick you from the server many times
right up to the effect
I did not do it
You have played with me many times
I suspect you from the very beginning and I have reasons for it
Now you
You are crying that I am a crook
recently interesting tactics
most suspicious players
now they accuse me
I fought cheaters in the game from the beginning
It took many days before I became good at MOH
but what a few days are enough for some players and they are already so good, funny!
I have nothing to hide
I can be live all the time
youtube, twich
I can give the boss an overview of my files on the computer

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4 K1ll3rM4ch1n3   (2018-06-11 4:17 AM) [Материал]
I mention to RAMBLERRU, a punishment of 7 days of not playing, not changing team for the balance? ... we go for part.
1- For a very long time this has been happening on the server constantly that is to say all the skills on 50k in one team and in another team all the weak ones and many but many times they have left me in the team with all the players under 10k and I K1ll3rM4ch1n3 I did not say anything. I almost never say anything, I usually play silently (I say this so they do not say that I offend players).

2- With what face you say that it is my responsibility to change my team if for that you have a balancer that you must improve. I am not ignorant and I know which and how PROCON PLUGINS operate and it is your responsibility to configure and test them. Even if in a fortuitous event it were my responsibility, why do they only punish me and the baron ?, the server is full of high-skill players who change team to where the strongest are constantly bringing the server to a imbalance, that's not my fault, I'm more of the one who enters a team and stays there no matter what happens, win or lose and that you can corroborate in the log of your server. If you want a player to change to the weaker team and that is a good practice or rule, write it as a message in PROCON's "SPAMBOT" that's something that will take you 5 seconds, because until now there's nothing to say or say suggest

3- You currently have a fat list of "LORDS" doing bad practices within the game, such as moving players to their own team, changing modalities to advantage, blocking certain game modes, etc. This is not new and has been happening for a long time, this is where you will say "but being a lord gives you that advantage over other blabla players, and they can do that because they blablabla". Think again and put yourself in the place of a novice player, is it just to win after hard work with your team and that happens, I do not think so. This is where you must place yourself in the place of the most novice players and not with your "constructive criticism" penalizing only 2 players from a list that if I do it at least 30 players.

4- There are several times that a character in the administration or "LORDS" have punished me and it is not that I get into problems recurrently, for example PUMCAT great money donor and faithful player (sarcasm), he always bothers me saying hacker, he forbids me on the server, he expels me, just because I kill him, does the position of Lord offer the position of being untouchable and of not being killed? ... I am in this game since 2011 I know how the AIMBOT are and I can guarantee that he is the only AIMBOT since there is no way that a single individual can against 3 strong players or 4 as he was once from PUMCAT in a rookie team against iceman, condor, baron and me. A perfect aim at a very long distance with RPK killing all shots in the head and unlike me if I uploaded a video where I demonstrate my legitimacy as a player and that I have spoken directly with EVENBALANCE (punkbuster) so that they are my witnesses of faith He does not have proof. To end administrators, I accept my punishment but I hope to see at least a message from here or something that indicates that it is the responsibility of the player to balance the server because I am not a fortune-teller and I only did one day what many always do.

I highlight the work of Condor and Iceman as they at least ask or listen to players before changing the server mode or if snipers are allowed or not. Finally I do not intend to offend any of you and neither is the intention, if you need help in configuring your server I have experience in it and I handle quite well with PROCON since I have a server where in spite of all these ridiculous things that they do, yet all of you are welcome and none of you is banned even my good friend PUMCAT (what a good friend is sarcasm)

greatings K1ll3rM4ch1n3

5 ramblerru   (2018-06-11 12:57 PM) [Материал]
you got a ban for 3 days, not 7. If you had players on the server, you would know that the transebalancer only transfers the last player. SO balance sheet carries the killed. You yourself know very well that there is no other balance in this game. and why should I improve it?
This time was not just an imbalance. There was an absolute unbalance when 30000-60000 skill players in one, 6000-12000 in the other. For the 2nd round, 50% of the players left the server and it lasted 6 minutes, not even 10. If strong players want to scoff at weak players, they will receive a temporary ban. Strong players had the opportunity of 3 rounds (until the server was completely emptied) to switch to help in a smaller weak team. Neither did this. The fairness of the balance is obvious to everyone, and does not need any rules. You did not get lucky, you were among the most stubborn players clinging to a strong team. If you and the baron went into a weak team, the imbalance would stop. Other players with very strong unbalance will also receive a temporary ban, after warning.

With the Lords, I do not see any problems, except for the frequent bans of players who do not like it. We discussed this, and I do not think this will be in the future.

If you were dumb with computers of different powers, you would know that players with a weak computer should use more bullets to kill, for example 4 instead of 3. I think ping is the same. Play for 2 hours as PUMCAT with his weapon and you will understand that to kill as he is nothing special.
You can take VIP and fly, watching him.

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3 condor   (2018-03-23 0:25 AM) [Материал]
hi all  smok

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1 NIMALESHWAR   (2018-03-18 4:32 AM) [Материал]

2 ramblerru   (2018-03-18 4:37 AM) [Материал]

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