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2018-09-13, 6:56 PM

                         TOP   PUMCAT  TOP_____________



New info-PUM-ICE-HEIS server now changes to TOP  PUMCAT  TOP
They left Heis and Ice
Thank you for cooperation.


Warning !!!


If you're a strong player
you can only play on one of your main account
on our server
the administrator will not waste time
to analyze whether you are a pro or cheater !!

a strong player who does not play in his primary account will be kicked out


The server does not support the sniper game!
You must count with it
that if you play a sniper, you can be kicked!


Contact admin: Facebook- MOH 2010|MEDAL OF HONOR 2010|Group for fans -

or  -chat.





Rule no Cheats no Insult.

TOP CLAN_______________________________________________________________________________________________

Added by: pumcat | Contact person: PUMCAT E
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Total comments: 31
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31 glyn   (2019-06-04 4:25 PM) [Материал]
Guys I'm getting kicked due to high ping still. are you able to adjust it so that I can play. I realize a high ping annoys some but it does
help to keep the game alive . Thanks

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30 glyn   (2019-03-20 4:24 AM) [Материал]
Hay guys just asking and only asking. I was playing against a guy NAMED mrgamerhood on 20/3 at about 0835 to 0850 PERTH Australia time . he was real sus . maybe just good, but on combat a score 49/4 when you are not sniping is odd. Just for your info. Again I'm not accusing  just asking.
Oh thanks for adjusting your setting to let me play.

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29 Killerviking187   (2019-03-18 4:00 AM) [Материал]
Fire Knight, I thought I was recording that match but apparently shadowplay glitched and didn't record. But I do agree there was something very suspicious about Black George. He was able to get head shots instantly as soon as we came running out of cover.

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28 Killerviking187   (2019-03-18 3:51 AM) [Материал]
Pumcat, I understand and respect your decision. However I'd like to point out that the person (shvagier) who complained probably neglected to tell you that he was insulting myself and fire knight because he was losing badly to us.

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27 FIRE KNIGHT   (2019-03-18 1:51 AM) [Материал]
 thank you, it is very good to know that someone also suspected him,also killerviking187 recorded this guy,if you want footage just ask me smile

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26 pumcat   (2019-03-17 9:12 PM) [Материал]
KillerViking187   --                                                                                                                                                                                              

you have been reported

for permanent

abuse of chat

against the player!

you know Rule, no Cheats no Insult.

I also sometimes

I'm not holy

I will say something once or twice

but for permanent insults or ridicule

on chat

it can not be allowed !!

This should not be repeated again!

If I get a re-declaration of a game chat violation

it will apply the consequences to you.

0   Spam
24 FIRE KNIGHT   (2019-03-17 2:53 AM) [Материал]
since you say your server is not for cheaters,please look at this player called (black george)
this guy use WH in some rounds, he use rpk know your place and everyone place and even start pre-shooting at you before you see him,I have footage of his WH,if you want to see it tell me,maybe tell him to record a round or something like that.

here is his stats

0   Spam
25 pumcat   (2019-03-17 2:59 PM) [Материал]
I think so too

I played against him

I immediately sensed that something is wrong

I've already kicked him a few times

For this reason

I'm watching him

already for a long time

I collect evidence

maybe soon he will have a permanent ban

0   Spam
23 glyn   (2019-03-13 1:19 PM) [Материал]

0   Spam
21   (2019-02-28 5:14 PM) [Материал]
always kicking people that kick your ass pumcat? lmao you are such a wanker...

0   Spam
22 pumcat   (2019-03-01 3:51 PM) [Материал]
Cry more

show me your video game!

You do not like it, do not play on this server

This is a server for strong players!

Not for cheaters!

0   Spam
19 KillerViking187   (2019-02-27 0:43 AM) [Материал]
Here is the video you requested.

0   Spam
20 pumcat   (2019-02-27 7:12 PM) [Материал]

0   Spam
18 Killerviking187   (2019-02-13 2:26 PM) [Материал]
It worked Pumcat. Thanks!

0   Spam
17 pumcat   (2019-02-12 11:17 PM) [Материал]
Killer Viking 187                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 try now

0   Spam
15 Killerviking187   (2019-02-12 0:32 AM) [Материал]
Hey Pumcat, the server is still kicking me when I join. I didn't know if toy had a chance to remove the ban yet so I thought I'd let you know.

0   Spam
16 pumcat   (2019-02-12 4:07 PM) [Материал]
Thanks for the info

Yes, I know

there is a strange problem with this nickname

he gets unban

but when I refresh I come back

and it's still ban

I will try to solve it

wait for answer

0   Spam
14 Killerviking187   (2019-02-10 11:57 PM) [Материал]
Pumcat, thank you. I agree to those stipulations.

0   Spam
13 pumcat   (2019-02-10 7:43 PM) [Материал]

0   Spam
12 pumcat   (2019-02-10 7:34 PM) [Материал]
After the board of administrators

there is a decision in your case

You got the last chance

there will be no more

You can only play with one account


you can not offend and

have pretensions to administrators

if you're suspected of cheating

in the round

you may be asked to record your game 

get ready 

me or someone from the administrators 

tell you to record the video round and put it on the youtube channel

I will analyze the video

if you agree to these terms

you can play

0   Spam
11 Killerviking187   (2019-01-30 11:43 PM) [Материал]
So be it. I'm sorry we all couldn't get over the past and start fresh. I tried to with my new account.

0   Spam
10 pumcat   (2019-01-30 9:39 PM) [Материал]
Machine of Death, Leroy Jenkins 77, KillerViking187 .
There is no consent of administrators for you

It was one of the conditions

so that you can play on our server.

I'm sorry you can not play on our server - PUM-ICE-HEIS

0   Spam
8 Killerviking187   (2019-01-20 8:52 PM) [Материал]
Okay, thanks. I'll have to figure out how shadow play works and create a YouTube channel. Do I just post it here?

0   Spam
9 pumcat   (2019-01-26 8:42 PM) [Материал]
KillerViking187 -You will get a total ban on this account

for giving false information about yourself !!!

I'm closing the subject !!!

0   Spam
3 KillerViking187   (2019-01-19 8:34 PM) [Материал]
I have been playing in your Pum Ice Heis server for a couple week now and today it looks like I was either kicked or banned for some unknown reason. Can someone tell me what I did wrong please? I have been playing this game on playstaion for years and switched to pc gaming for more palyers.

0   Spam
6 pumcat   (2019-01-20 1:45 PM) [Материал]
You have been banned by me

wait for answer

the case is under way

0   Spam
7 pumcat   (2019-01-20 6:51 PM) [Материал]
you have been unban

you can play

you may be asked to record your game

get ready

me or someone from the administrators

tell you to record the video round and put it on the youtube channel

0   Spam
2 Zecafu   (2019-01-02 9:39 PM) [Материал]
Just got kicked from the server right now. Without reason! What is this?

0   Spam
5 pumcat   (2019-01-20 1:43 PM) [Материал]
Was this an insult to the administrator ?

0   Spam
1 SIRMADMAX   (2018-12-17 4:34 PM) [Материал]
How do i become vip, just paid 6EU to Tishka server?

0   Spam
4 pumcat   (2019-01-20 1:42 PM) [Материал]
with us there is no vip system

we sponsor the server ourselves

maybe it will be possible in the future

thanks for the desire to support the server

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